Duo Baldo


“…a masterful example of talent and entertainment,
exhilarating and excellent pianist and violinist.”

– Redacon



“The audience greeted it with enthusiasm, judging it ‘fantastic!’”

– Corriere del Teatro



“..it was a triumph, with numerous encores capping an extremely
exhilarating evening.”

– Alberto Godas, Club Radio



“Duo Baldo performed a lavish series of exhilarating gags that literally conquered the

– Gianmarco Caselli, Liricamente



In 2002, in a small town on the outskirts of Florence, Italy, the idea of Duo Baldo was born in the most natural of ways. Brad, an American violinst studying in Lucca, and Aldo, a pianist and aspiring actor, met casually in a quaint coffee shop and began experimenting with new ideas that would eventually, and unknowingly, blossom into a show that captivates and surprises. The duo became the highlight of the town, and week after week people would flock from all around to see what
they had invented.

Now, over a thousand performances and tens of thousands of delighted audience members in major concert halls, recital halls and theaters around the world is the result of that casual meeting of two very different people from two very diverse cultural backgrounds.

Duo Baldo made their debut with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli in 2004. In February 2006, Duo Baldo won first prize at the National Short Theater Competition in Florence. After winning first prize at the 2009 Musicomicontest, they performed at the opening of the 2010 Salzburg Festival. Other invitations include Tokyo’s Musashino Cultural Foundation, the Shanghai Concert Hall, the Mozaic Festival, the Beijing Concert Hall, the Chamber Music Society of Trieste, as well as appearances in Brescia, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Lugano (Switzerland), Mexico City and Stockholm.

In September 2011, Duo Baldo performed a gala concert on Giacomo Puccini’s recently-restored Steinway piano with soprano Maria Luigia Borsi at the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca. In 2016, the duo was highly praised for a successful television appearance on Italy’s popular talent show, “Tu Sí Que Vales”. In 2018, the duo will make their first US Tour which includes 37 cities. Violinist Brad Repp has appeared as violin soloist with José Carreras in two Asia tours. He performs on a 1736 Testore violin. Aldo Gentileschi performs on whatever piano he can find.