The Nelons


The Nelons bring a special, dynamic energy each time they step on a stage. All incredibly talented individually, together, the combination of soaring vocals and tight-knit harmonies creates an unforgettable experience that leaves audiences wanting more.
– Ed Leonard, President of Daywind Records



This family never fails to pay homage to their long history in Gospel music, all while forging ahead into the future with a unique sound of their own. The longevity of The Nelons is a testament to this group’s commitment to produce beautiful, quality music time and time again.
– Bill Gaither



3 Grammy Nominations



6 Dove Awards



A Southern Gospel Family Legacy!


Americana music is birthed by the influence of shared and varied music traditions of the United States.It is music that comes from the heart of the American experience. Sometimes it is a very explicit expression of pain and suffering, as found in spirituals, other times, it is found in the pride of our nation, as in patriotic anthems and other familiar tunes that accompany the celebratory firework display on the 4th of July. Often times, it is found in our hearts, in love songs that couples have shared for countless years. It can be found in family traditions like gathering around the piano and singing folk songs, it can be experienced in the simple joy of turning up the radio in the car and singing at the top of your lungs a song that brings back a flood of memories, and it can be felt in the tear that runs down your face when a song reminds you of someone remembered, or a moment past.


Most music historians will tell you that the unquestioned root of all genres of American music is gospel music. So, it stands to reason that the most qualified of all musical artists to sing America’s music would be a family whose roots are firmly planted in gospel music – Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame members, The Nelons. It is the songs that ripple throughout the fabric of our great nation – songs of faith, family, and country – that you will find on their latest recording, The Americana Sessions, and at the base of their new tour.

The songs that Jason, Kelly, Amber and Autumn present all reflect life in America from varying perspectives, tied together with common themes. These are the songs of faith, home, family and america. These are the songs of love and relationships; mistakes and disappointments; joy and desperation; memories and longing. These are the songs you know by heart, and love singing along to.

The Americana Sessions Tour takes you back in time, to a place where life was simple. You’ll laugh, cry, reminisce, and rejoice. You’ll thank God for His blessings. And, just maybe, when you leave, you will have just a little more love and appreciation for the things that last forever, and are the most important in your life: God, Family, and Country.